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Tomari's will soon be a reality

It's been a quite a while since our last update and so much has happened. Our coffee shop journey has been full of surprises. Most pleasant and some not . . . But we are close. Very very close. We passed our final building inspection right before Christmas which was the best present ever! We have only the health department approval left to go. We now have working electricity, plumbing, and water, which means working coffee equipment, which means COFFEE!!! Yummy yummy coffee! And, we've been practicing and practicing on workmen, family and friends to ensure we are ready for YOU!!

As you all know, the coffee shop opening has been delayed several times. We initially thought we would be open in July. What a pipe dream THAT was! Along about September, we started to fear we would run out of money and decided one of us would have to go back to work full time. Mari drew the short straw and off to California she commutes weekly on a consulting gig for a company which is not exactly in her wheel house but, hey, learning has become our partnered mantra for this new stage in our lives. Mari's new gig has left Tom to manage the completion and opening of the coffee shop and what an amazing job he has done! The place is completely unrecognizable from the broken down wreck of a building we so desperately wanted to rescue. We are completely indebted to those who have helped make our shop what it has now become. We both share such a passion for our mountain community and wanted so much to build a warm and friendly gathering place which would embody this communities spirit. Ironically it has primarily been our community businesses and neighbors that have worked together to help us bring Tomari's alive.

With that, we are pleased to announce that Tomari's will be hosting a friends and family open house on January 15, 2017 from 10:00am-2:00pm. We invite you to stop by, look around and have a taste - on us. This is our thank you to all of you for being the best neighbors, friends, and family we could ever hope for!

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